Roots Barefoot Massage & Mobility

The literal translation of Ashiatsu in Japanese is (ashi) Foot (atsu) Pressure.  Ashiatsu is massagae performed with the practitioners feet, using bars over head as support and balance.  Utilizing my feet provides you with broad, compressive strokes that allows for sustained pressure for the length of the massage.  It is highly therapeutic (especailly with the use of sustained compression, trigger point therapy, fascial release and active or passive Range of Motion techniques) for athletes, those in strenuous or repetitive jobs, people with dense tissue and those of you who feel like they just can't get a deep enough massage.


Barefoot deep tissue massage is direct application of pressure through a muscle into the undrlying bone.  This deep, broad based form of bodywork assists with rest, recovery & repair of muscle tissue and creates a positive structural change in chronic soft tissue damage.


Are you an athlete?  Do you have sports or repetitive strain injuries?  Do you feel like your massage is never to the level of "just quite deep enough". 


Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is the technique for you! 


About My Practice

I use traditional hand massage as well as Ashiatsu Barefoot massage techniques to provide you with a holistic,  individualized treatment, as well as having completed the training necessary to be a designated Medical Massage Practitioner and certified Ashiatsu (FasciAshi) Barefoot massage specialist.  I am skilled and professionally trained in treating on the job, sports related, at home & automoblie injuries.


Take Charge of Your Health

Whether you'd like to focus on spending 1 hour out of your day in a relaxing & rejuvinating environment or you need to focus on specific goals in healing an injury, I am committed to providing you with the highest standards of service.