What's Best For Your Health

As a career therapist of more than 15 years, I have created a knowledgable & caring space to assist in treating and preventing injuries. My studio is distinguished by the time and attention I invest in custom-tailored treatment plans for my clients. How can I help you to be your healthiest?

Regularly scheduled body maintenance can prevent injuries and improve your health! The concept of body maintenance
if you own a car, you know how important it is to take it in for regularly scheduled tune-ups. Without that maintenance, the life of your vehicle is dramatically reduced right? Would you skip a tire rotation?  Never replace the oil or check the breaks? Of course not!

So... why wouldn't you sign yourself up for regular body maintenanc?

I offer package series to help get you started on regular body maintenance at amazing pricing.

My Specialties


Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage: Total body relaxation


Massage is one of humanity's oldest forms of therapy, and it helps prevent a wide variety of ailments. Ashiatsu Massage is a deep broad based from of bodywork that assists with rest, recovery and repair of muscle tissue as well as creating a positive structural change in chronic soft tissue damage.  Ashiatsu provides a deep sustained pressure that allows for a profoundly relaxing experience. It is the perfect form of massage for those who feel like it's never quite deep enough.  Are you an athlete, maybe a hygenist, tattoo artist, roofer, musician??... All of these and more will benefit from an Ashiatsu Barefoot massage session.


Not a fan of deep work?

Ashiatsu can be the deepest massage you'll ever receive but it doesn't have to be.  Each session is specific to your needs and even with a gentler version, this massage can still be extremly relaxing and more effective than most treatments you'll ever receive. 


    Services I provide:

  • Deep Tissue Massage/Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage
  • Medical Massage 
  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Stone/Warm Bamboo treatment
  • Cold Therapy
  • Heat Therapy
  • Cupping 

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Gift Certificates are available & they make a lovely gift for any occasion.

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Questions About Available Treatments?

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