Massage Therapy: Relaxation For Your Body

In the United States, back pain has become public ailment no. 1. For many people, back pain considerably impairs their ability to do and enjoy the things they perform on a daily basis. Massage has proven to be an effective means of preventing back and joint pain. My selection of massage options will help you live a more relaxed and pain free life.


The massage therapy specialties I provide, include:

Swedish Massage: Indulge In Pure Relaxation Utilizing Long Strokes To Improve Circulation And Releive Muscle Tension, Leaving You In A Deeply Refreshed State.

Deep Tissue Massage: This Style Uses Stronger Pressure And Targets Specific Area's Of The Body.  It Is Designed To Increase Flexibility, Relieve Sore Muscles And Speed Up Recovery Due To Overexertion.  This Therapeutic Massage Is Used For Soft Tissue Injuries To Reduce Pain, Increase Flexibility And Speed Healing.  Treatments Include; Range Of Motion Assessments And Goal Setting Plan.



1/2 HOUR          $35.00


1 HOUR              $60.00


1-1/2 HOUR       $90.00


2 HOUR             $120.00




Hot Stone Massage: Hot Smooth River Stones Are Strategically Placed At Pressure Points On The Body To Release Built Up Tension.  Heated Stones Are Placed All Over Your Body With Long Sweeping Strokes. The Moist Heat And Pressure Of The Stones, Ease Muscle Tension, While Promoting A Deeper State Of Relxation.

$95.00 ~ 75 Min

Lymphatic Drainage: Allows Drainage For The Sinus Passages And Encourages Stimulation For The Immune System.  Great For Cold & Flu Season.

$60.00 Per Hour

Pregnancy Massage: A Calming Massage Designed To Assist The Expectant Mother In Relaxation And Offers Improved Circulation And Overall Comfort.  To Achieve Maximum Comfort, I Use Special Pregnancy Cushions To Enhance Your Rejuvinating Experience.

$60.00 PerHour

Reflexology: Is A Timeless Art Of Bodywork.  It Facilitates A Sense Of Deep Connection And Harmony With The Recipient.  This Ancient Art Helps You Become More Internally Balanced, Thereby Enhancing Your Inner Peace And Healing Potential.  Specific Reflex Points On The Feet, Hands And Ears, Match The Glands, Organs And Systems Of The Body To Allow Your To Reach A State Of Homeostasis.

$45.00 ~ 45 Min

Insurance: Most Insurance Is Accepted.  A Prescription Or Referral Is REQUIRED.  Insurance Is Billed At 

$35 ~$45 Per Unit Of Massage (One Unit = 15 Min Of Massage). 

Medical Massage: The Manipulation Of The Soft Tissues Of The Human Body With The Hand, Foot, Arm or Elbow.

Conditions For Treatment Of Medical Massage Are:

1. Sustained Contraction

2. Increased Tissue Waste

3. Decrease Of Elasticity

4. Increase Of Facial Adheshions.

Techniques To Reverse The Cyclic Process Of Soft Tissue Injury & Pain Are:

1. Arndt-Schultz Law:  Short Stimuli Initiates Cellular Function (7 - 10 Seconds).  Prolonged/Intense Stimuli Inhibit Cellular Function. (Due To Endorphin Release).    2. Twitch Contraction    3. Muscle Energy Technique - Reciprocal Inhibition.  4. Initating The Process Of Diffusion From Tissue Cells To Blood *Chinese Cupping*Russian Mustard Plaster  *Guasha *Electrical Stimulation  *Trigger Point Applications  *Contrast Applications  *Petrissage.  5. Fascial Manipulations  6. Conpression vs. Entrapment.

All Of These Different Techniques Are Used To Promote Healing To An Injured Area Of Your Body.  Each Massage Is Specifically Designed To Treat Your Body Individually, To Meet Your Set Goal Plan.

I provide a variety of essential oils to assist in relaxation and overall tension relief.  As well as helping remedy sinus pressure, headache relief and assist in healing many other ailments.  *The base oil that I use is unscented.